What is API 1162?

    American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice (RP) 1162 is the industry standard for pipeline operators’ public awareness programs. Through these programs, pipeline companies communicate information on pipelines and pipeline safety to:

    ·people who live and work near their pipelines, including schools, businesses and places of congregation; 

    ·those who may excavate or operate farm/ranch equipment near pipelines; 

    ·emergency officials who may be called upon to respond should a pipeline emergency occur; and,

    ·public officials. 

    What is this site for and how will information be used?

    A task group is currently in the process of revising and updating API RP 1162, which was originally published in 2003 and incorporated by reference into federal regulation in 2005. 

    This site is being used to gather feedback from public audiences on our work on the third edition of API RP 1162. Your participation in this process will provide valuable feedback that will help the task group improve the standard, and – ultimately – help pipeline operators communicate with you more effectively. 

    All information provided and comments gathered will be considered by the task group to determine if/how it can be used to improve the standard. 

    What is the project timeline?

    The task group working on API RP 1162, 3rdEd., is targeting publication in mid-2020. This platform to collect feedback will be available until early August, 2019. 

    Why are you only asking about existing pipelines and not new pipeline projects?

    The United States Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) is the federal agency that regulates the operation of most pipelines in the U.S. PHMSA’s jurisdiction on new pipelines begins immediately before a new pipeline begins service and extends through the life of the pipeline. API RP 1162 applies to pipelines that are regulated by PHMSA and therefore only includes existing pipelines.